Closing Entry

I’ve long since published my account of the war, of the things we faced and the horrible cost that was incurred during our fight for freedom.

They built a monument to everyone that died, including those that were on the Black Island when it fell.  Most of the people there were innocent of any wrongdoing.  There were so many journals and databases we found that even as I sit on the final years of my life, we still haven’t gone over all of it.  Most of the people on what has been renamed Liberation Island had no hand in the systematic enslavement of our people; many even believed what they were doing was wrong, but were too afraid to do anything.  A lot like we were before the revolt began.

The saddest part, though, was we learned the origins of the Masters.  The data was buried beneath so many other records, behind so many forms of encryption that it took us years to break it, even using the Masters’ own tools, but I digress.  The Masters’ planet was once a lot like ours: a beautiful world with a vibrant people and culture.  Their species had millions of years of recorded history, but they had one great enemy: time.

Their sun was dying, and it was bound to swallow their entire system in a supernova within a few thousand years.  They expended all their technological prowess to build massive city-colonies and escape into space.  The ones that would become the Masters lost contact with their compatriots a generation into their journey.  As they ran low on resources, with no habitable worlds in sight, they began to take what they needed.  One generation after the other, becoming more and more tied to their colony and turning into opportunistic raiders, taking worlds and using any indigenous populace to extract as much as they could to allow their population to expand.

The great irony was that their colony was never meant to be purely space-faring.  It was meant to settle on a new world and rebuild.  Now, this group of their people is gone, but their colony has finally settled.

I only ask that they forgive me for what I had to do in the defense of my people.  If it could’ve been done any other way, I’d have done it.

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