Week Two – Into the Fray…as it were.

And thus, IT BEGINS

A bit of background about me.  I’ve been using PCs since the DOS era.  I remember when Windows 98 was new.  This is important because I’ve been around computers and their myriad applications for literally (not figuratively) as long as I can remember.  I have been around sites that allow uploads for likely longer than some folks in this class have been speaking coherent sentences.

The idea that a site whose entire specialty is the uploading of still and motion picture not having any of said functionality on desktop is the very definition of infuriating.  By default, I do my work on desktop (or my laptop, but they’re functionally the same) because that’s my native language, so to speak.  I don’t mind doing things on mobile, when its convenient.  However, the idea that I actually don’t have a choice in the matter…it boggles my mind.  It beggars belief!

Other than that, I haven’t had many problems keeping up, not accounting for the less directed nature of the class making it, at times, confusing to navigate.  But, enough of my whinging!  After all, I can only be so loquacious when it comes to creatively complaining.

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At least the app bleeding rotates properly.

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