Videos of Conflict

I still can’t believe he’s gone.  So much time wasted, so many things I could never say because I was a coward.  I was afraid of how it’d look, of being accused of being an ineffective leader, of playing favourites.  I know this might come across as whinging to some, but…there’s so much that gets lost in the chaos.  So many lives snuffed out because no other options were given.

Maybe, one day, I’ll build a memorial to you.  To everyone.  To all the people that were lost fighting for our freedom.  I think that’d be…I don’t want to say “nice,” but it’d feel right.  You deserve it.  Good bye.

We succeeded.  We won.

But the cost was too much.  It was too high.  Not just our own losses, either.

I’m writing this entry several months after I recorded this video because I just couldn’t bear to even think about it.  The final count was over two million found dead on the Black Island.  There were no survivors.  They…they found children.  Tens of thousands of small bodies heaped on to the mountain of burning corpses that were necessary to contain an outbreak.

I’ll have that blood on my hands until the day I die.


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