Ultima the Eighth: Pagan Week

Fall Break was a thing that I had, this week!  I actually quite enjoyed it, for the most part.  I got to catch up on some sleep and do some farming in Guild Wars 2 so I can finally get the commander’s tag I should’ve gotten six bleedin’ years ago when it was a third the price it is, now.

One the front of something actually applicable to this class, we did the radio show do!  It was actually easier scripting and recording than I thought it’d be, which is certainly good.  I also did a handful of other things!

That Was Easier Than Anticipated

Honestly, it was kind of engineered to be easy and simple.  That was the point behind the theme and setting: make it easier on everyone involved.  No complicated sound effects, nothing involved.  It also allowed us to more easily focus on our characters and delivery, which I feel was to the show’s benefit.  The more its about the actual people in the show, the better.

Regarding Daily Creates, I point out what those things likely are.  There’s really not much to say or reflect on, really.  They’re an ancient attempt at long-range monitoring devices that, if memory serves, ultimately failed at their one and only purpose.  Maybe it was the design, maybe it was the combination of mustard gas and the screams of the poor bastards in the trenches that hadn’t had the good fortune to be killed by the latest volley of artillery fire.

No, that’s not very funny.  Neither was the Great War.

I know the movie referred to them as “robots,” but Evil Bill & Ted were androids, full fecking stop.  They were just as capable as humans (if not moreso) mentally, were clearly driven by a proper artificial general intelligence, and could act independently and react dynamically to the world around them.  They were, without a doubt, honest-to-god androids.

And last, but certainly not least, The Legends radio show!  I actually enjoyed doing this, a fair amount more than I thought I would.  Granted, given the medium, its more of a story-laden Podcast, but the semantics are similar enough, I suppose.  Doing the script in real time (from disparate locations, no less) was pretty cool, and a huge thank you to Google Docs for affording us the chance to do it!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it is high time that I…



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