Twelve Weeks Of Absolute Batshit Insanity

Holy hell, I got my shit done early!  WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?  Hell, it means I got less to do on Friday, so I can start getting shithoused early!  That’s what I call planning!

Swapping With Talky Tina

I have no idea why I chose this assignment, much less why I chose to superimpose that on to my face.  The result is so uncanny valley that it borders on Lovecraftian.  If I had figured out the lasso tool or cared enough to go thru and carefully make everything but Tina’s horrifying visage transparent and layer that over my own face, it might’ve fulfilled the letter of the assignment, but I figure that a face-swap fulfilled the spirit and, honestly, I think the result was better than it otherwise could’ve been.

I’m Not Sure For Whom I Feel Worst

My money’s on Voldy making Bella a smoking hole in the ground.  She’s too much of a lackwit to understand when she needs to run from ol Snake-Face.  This time, I got the lasso figured out and managed to layer Voldemint over Edward’s mug, instead of doing another face-swap.  I figured once would be…maybe not okay, but at least understandable, but more than that would be taking the piss.

I think I need a better tagline for it, though.


I had way too much fun making this.  The eraser was my friend, here.  Took it to the background of the pic of Yu Narukami (of Persona 4 fame) and got a rage-face picture of Thomas the Tank Engine off the net and let the magic of Paint.Net and layering do the rest.  I filled the top-right with black because the rage-face would’ve been obscured, otherwise, and we couldn’t have that.

I think it turned out pretty good, don’t you?


This one was piss easy.  I literally took the pic of Wally from the remix button thingie and just layered it over my old word cloud assignment.  Didn’t need any fancy tricks, since Wally already had transparency behind him.  Don’t really know what I could’ve done different; the edit was so simple that there’s not really a way I could’ve done it different, excepting placement.  Maybe not cheaping out and making another text cloud with which to play, but hey.  Why fix what ain’t broke?

Okay, You All Could See This Coming

Yeah, another potshot, but this time at something legitimately bad.  Budweiser is garbage and everyone knows it.  Plus, with that whole weird ad campaign about removing the word ‘no’ from your vocabulary for an evening, they bloody well deserve every punch to the gut pop culture gives them.  Fuck Budweiser.

If you want beer, don’t cheap out.  Get Guinness.  Or Sapporo, if you’re feeling adventurous.

On to Daily Creates!  Seriously, though, what other actual holidays are there?  Maybe Labour Day and Veteran’s Day count somewhat, but they’re mostly about grilling and giving Vietnam vets hot dogs.  Independence Day is about getting drunk and playing with explosives.  Valentine’s is about eating candy and trying to get laid.  Easter?  Candy and maybe playing outside.  Halloween?  Candy and dress-up.  Thanksgiving?  Food, booze, and football.  Christmas?  Literally the most commercialized holiday in existence.  If they can’t market it, it ain’t gonna catch on.  Them’s the breaks.

And, lastly, a haiku!  No, it doesn’t really make any sense, but cut me some slack.  I wanted to try my hand at a little poetry, and writing’s easy.  I suppose I could’ve turned this into an utter piss-take by just making an enormous image of the number 25, but I think that’d have been a little too on the nose.

Seriously, that’s like celebrating your car’s odometer rolling over.  It was bound to happen, eventually.

Here’s to the last week before I send myself into Thanksgiving-induced insulin shock!  LEEROYYYYYYY A-JENKINSSSSS!

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