The Masters’ Message

“We had moving video for years before the Masters arrived; that’s one of the few pieces of history they didn’t destroy.  Probably because it was useful.  They paint us as little more than dangerous lunatics, hell bent on destroying everything in our way.  Of course, this was never what the rebellion was about, but the average person didn’t know that.  We were new, we were scary.  I can’t blame them for falling for these videos.  The Masters’ propaganda machine was massive, and their ability to disseminate it was amplified by the aerial broadcasting technology they brought with them on their arrival.

Of course, we figured this out.  There were people, a lot smarter than me, that worked out how their broadcasting worked and how to stop it.  We might not have been able to make propaganda of our own, but we could at least stop them from spreading theirs.

In war, the heart is the first thing that the enemy attacks.  By stopping their propaganda machine, or at least slowing it down, we could begin to win over the people with less difficulty.  In time, their message became ineffective.  Our first victory was not won on the battlefield, it was won in the hearts and minds of the oppressed.”

— Excerpt from the biography of Adam Roche

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