That Was Easier Than Anticipated

So, we hashed out most of the script on Wednesday.  Got the first couple of scenes done as well as advertisement and bumper allotments, and had outlines for the remainder by meeting’s end.  Scripting finished up, yesterday as did recording and, as I type this, Drake’s finishing up putting it all together.  I’m glad we had someone who does this stuff professionally; as I said during the meeting, my last audio editing experience was sometime in the late 90s with Creative Wave Studio.  That was also mostly throwing random fart noises and clips from Beavis and Butt-Head into various famous speeches.  In my defense, I was around 10 years-old, but I digress.

But, yes!  We should all be rearing and ready to go before 1800EDT.  This has been a lot easier than I thought it’d be; not that I’m complaining!  The less actual work I have to do, the better.  I got tired of university about the same time I started said endeavor.

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