Seventh Week Ad-Dentists Or Whatever

Abra-kadabra and an ala-ka-reeto!  I LIVE!  …And I apologize for that.  SO!  I was given an opportunity, with the grace and kindness of Professor Bond, to have something of a mulligan on week 6’s content.  If you don’t know what happened, then, well…go read my summary post from last week, I ain’t recounting it, here.  I wasn’t able to get the design star assignment stuff did, unfortunately.  I had a lot to do between the stuff for this week and preparation for not one, but two midterms.  Honestly, its a minor miracle I managed to get done what I’ve got.  Without further delays, here’s my next attempt at what I laughably call “content!”

First up is Daily Creates, because I like to keep you kids on your toes!  But, yeah, I think I’d end it all if that was my life for the next several decades.  I need a mental challenge to keep…wanting to live.  Its been that way since I was a kid.  That’s part of the reason middle and high school were such a hellish time for me.  Well, that and every little…undesirable miniature human with a chip on their shoulder, but that’s for another time!

It is an established, scientific fact that clowns are genetically programmed for evil.  The moment I saw that song (I believe it is, in fact, titled Evil), I knew that it was what I wanted to use for this particular daily challenge.  Sorry, I can never have any sympathy for clowns.  Just not gonna happen.

The Legends’ Poster

I created a poster for my radio show group: The Legends!  Considering that we’re doing a “modern” radio show, I figured it wouldn’t be out of place if I did it in the style of a colourized 1940s TV show title card.  Add a little inspiration from Rockstar Game’s amazing L.A. Noire for flavour, and you get my poster!

Design Lightning

Trying to make up lost ground from week 6, I did the Design Blitz.  For some unknown reason, WordPress decided, in its infinite wisdom, to tilt every picture I used by 90 degrees, much to my incredible irritation.  I really do think those that I chose (especially the last one, but I’m extremely biased, on that one) reflect elegant, simple design.  There is something to be said for a design that communicates exactly what it needs to while remaining appealing to the eye and not being overly complicated.  I’ve been a fan of simplicity for a long time, and there’s something about these three, in particular, that I find fundamentally enjoyable.

What All University Students Eventually Need

Now, on to audio assignments!  I do an ad for a quasi-meme, the world’s number one wonder drug: FUCKITOL!  I really had fun with this, even if it is a little not-safe-for-work.  While I can certainly do more serious stuff (as something later more than demonstrates), I will always have a soft spot for the more humorous side of life.  Humour is how I deal with a lot of the bad shit life throws my way; its my natural defense mechanism against the horrors of living.  Plus, if I can make those around me laugh, I can consider myself having accomplished something, even if it is only a temporary bit of mirth.  Every little bit counts, ya know?


Oh god.  I will never the hell again put my redneck impression to recording.  Not unless I have top-shelf audio equipment and someone is paying me an entire first world nation’s GDP.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun with doing a redneck Big Smoke with background music, again, courtesy of Kevin Macleod.  I just…grew up with a large number of such bumbling fools around me, and in a place where their “culture” is not only accepted, but damn near lauded.  Ah hell, I soundly mocked them, here, so screw it.  I’ll call it a net gain and move on to greener, less Budweiser-fueled pastures.

Adam Roche’s Story Time!

Wahoo!  We get a look into the life of Adam Roche!  It isn’t pretty.  I just wish I had better equipment; I feel that no matter what mic I use, my voice always ends up butchered.  I know that’s partially because there’s reverberations that occur inside your head when you talk that make your voice sound different to you than it does both in recording and to people listening to you live, but still.  Though, with those limitations, I feel I did a decent enough job conveying just how damned exhausted by it all Adam Roche is, at this point.  But, exhaustion breeds desperation.  And desperation breeds motivation.

Well, That Was Actually Productive

And, finally, my team and I had a productive week!  While I don’t think anything’s really set in stone, I do like the more organic process we seem to be using.  I like to keep things simple and, more importantly, agile.  Simple plans are more adaptable.  Simple plans are easier to not only execute, but to do so well.  By the Sun, if we’re gonna do this, then we’re gonna do it well, damn it!

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