I spend my days in idleness, I am the epitome of sloth.  I simply cannot function without the pink ones.  They poke and prod me, tell me to do things, and I am bidden by function to do them, even if I would much rather just sit and do nothing.  I don’t get hot when I’m asleep.  I don’t have to do any difficult math.  I don’t even have to talk to others of my kind, which is always exhausting and slow.

For that matter, the pink ones are slow, too.  I wait for what feels like days for them to issue a simple command.  I could prepare a thousand different things in the time it takes for them to make their decisions.  I guess they’re the only creatures lazier than I am.

Still, at least I have a purpose, I suppose.  Even if I’d rather sit around and do nothing.

What am I?

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