Nothing Witty For Week Six

…I need a fucking drink.

I was largely unable to do much of anything, this week.  That tends to happen when you spend most of the prior week worrying that you’ll have to hightail it a thousand miles so you can assist your family in making funeral arrangements for your father.

Yes, my father nearly died.  It wasn’t until a few hours ago that he was moved out of the ICU.  Long story short, his heart was beating way too fast for way too long and it nearly gave out on him.  Between a long string of texts between myself, my mother, and my brother, I spent most of the past week flitting between anxiety, depression, and a massive obsessive-compulsive episode wherein I kept checking current flights and bus schedules.

TL;DR: I didn’t have the mental capacity to do much of any work for any of my classes, this week.  But, here’s what I have.

Having A Think On Design

The overall principles of design are something I understand reasonably well.  Whether designing a logo, a convenience store, or a program’s user interface, the fundamentals change little, if at all.  The only thing that really changes are what your aims are with your design.  A logo for a fast food chain might use a warm colour palette to encourage the appetite.  A convenience store’s layout is delicately designed to draw the customer to the items most typically bought (drinks, snacks, etc) while leading them inexorably to impulse purchase areas.  Lastly, a user interface is almost universally designed to convey information in a clean, easily-digestible format that even complete beginners can understand and use.

I am actually beginning to try and lay at least a little of the groundwork for what could potentially be a machine capable of not only understanding the emotional states of others, but of experiencing emotion, itself.  While little of what I have is concrete, I feel that with greater experience in the fields of psychology and machine learning, I could have a much more solid foundational theory for what could become the first artificial emotional intelligence.  A critical step to the eventual development of not only an artificial general intelligence (one capable of anything a human can do), but of the first artificial lifeforms: androids.  I could ramble on for hours about what designs I’ve managed to commit to paper and how the machinery all connects to one another, but if I did that, this thing would end up the size of a small novel and, somehow, I don’t think that’s why you guys are here.

But…yeah.  That’s all I managed to get done, this week.  I really apologize for the absolute dearth of content.  As stated before, until very recently, I’ve had a frightening amount of stress in my life that was blocking out almost everything else.  Also, as stated before: I need a fucking drink.  Excuse me.

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