My Open-Source Software

This is gonna be a long bleedin’ list.

  1. Mozilla Firefox – My primary browser; has been for years.  I need an ad blocker to function.
  2. Paint.Net – I’m too cheap to buy Photoshoop, but need a little more power than what regular ol’ Paint can provide.
  3. Apache OpenOffice – I know, its technically obsolete, but screw it.  I had trouble installing MS Office on my machine, so I decided on the next best thing.  If I could figure out how its version of Excel works, I’d be golden.
  4. Exult – Maybe, one day, I’ll do a post on here about the Ultima series and how its my childhood.  But, for now, we have this open-source engine replacement for Ultima VII Parts I and II.  Basically the only way to experience those two games.
  5. 7-Zip – It was either this or pirate a copy of WinRAR.
  6. Avidemux – Sometimes, its helpful to be able to tear videos apart.  Usually for ripping music when I’m too lazy (or unable) to find the OST on YouTube.
  7. Deluge – My torrent client of choice.  No ads, no bullshit, it just works.
  8. Git – The source control software de jour of the UMW computer science department.
  9. Visual Studio Code – When it can’t be done in Visual Studio proper, VS Code is your buddy.  That, or if you don’t want to wait a minute for VS proper to start.  One of the two.
  10. NBTExplorer – Great for when your Minecraft maps decide to shit themselves and get all corrupted and not wanting to load.
  11. Python – Throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.  It works for noodles, and it works for code when you’ve got Python laying around.
  12. Qt – If you want all the power of truly compiled C++ (not C++/CLI) with an actual GUI editor, accept no substitutes.
  13. Razor – The best way to enhance your Ultima Online gaming experience available.  Doesn’t hurt that it comes with EA’s tacit approval.
  14. Tread Marks – An actual game!  About racing tanks!  That’s actually fun!  Seriously, though, this is one hell of a time-killer.

The list likely isn’t complete, but I don’t wanna spend an hour doing this shit.

I realize that a lot of the services I use can expose some personal data (esp. Facebook and Amazon).  Their closed-source nature does make that easier to get away with, but only for a time.  That’s the thing about software nerds like me.  You can’t hide shit from us once we get on the scent.  It only takes time for us to tear your crap apart and expose your nasty little secrets.  That’s just how we roll.  Anything made by humans can be broken by humans.

Though, call me a fatalist, but you’ll never stop people from peddling information.  Its the single most valuable commodity in human history.  Where’s the clean drinking water?  How do I cook this?  Is this even safe to eat?  What’s my neighbour doing?  How do I get one over on that asshole at work?  Everyone has information, and everyone wants information.  Some people are willing to pay a premium for information.  Much like the seedier parts of the internet’s collective anus, where there’s a demand, there’s people willing and able to supply.

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