Messages to the Masses

We’ve been fighting for over a year, now.  Every time we push them back, we take casualties.  Though my abilities are growing dramatically with all the fighting, I find myself staying behind more and more often.  These people are looking to me for leadership.  I suppose it makes sense, given I’m the only one remaining who knows the old magics.

Its getting hard to find new recruits, though.  The Masters are pumping an enormous amount of propaganda through the video and audio broadcasting system.  One of our soldiers managed to get a hold of some of their broadcasting equipment, though.  Its audio-only, but with this, we can start a counter-offensive on the propaganda front.

Its been a few weeks since the last…

Oh no.

I have no words.  I wouldn’t have believed it if Becker hadn’t shown me the whole thing, personally.

We aren’t the first world they’ve invaded.  This isn’t about just our survival, anymore.  We can’t allow the Masters to do this to any other worlds.  It is one thing to try and fail, but to not try at all?  The blood of millions, maybe billions, would be on our hands.

We cannot afford to lose.


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