Lyric Video – Elfen Lied – Lilium


I meant to make this last week, but Movie Maker was being ornery.  I actually had problems rendering this with OpenShot, til I stumbled upon the solution: the h.264 codec it was using was a heap of steaming garbage.  I swapped over to Xvid, and the rest is history.

I love this song.  Hell, Elfen Lied is one of my favourite anime/manga of all time.  No, it isn’t for the NSFW nature or copious amounts of violence, but because it is, I feel, one of the most well-crafted tragedies across which I’ve ever come.  The whole plot, and almost every single person that died during its execution, could’ve been avoided had it been that the main character, Kaede (also known as Lucy, pictured), had been shown an ounce of kindness as a child.  From the bullies that went so far as to brutally kill the puppy she’d found and for whom she’d been caring, to the staff at her orphanage that did nothing to stop it due to her strange appearance, she really didn’t know compassion.  Thus, when she found out someone she considered a friend had lied to her (an admittedly small lie, both because they were children and it really was very minor), she’d basically been shattered, and turned into what she became throughout the rest of the series.

There is no monster that humanity can create, no being so incomprehensibly alien or unimaginably destructive, that it could compare to what humans do to one another.

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