Inaugural Entry

So, Stephen found this device in the outpost we liberated a few days ago.  Apparently, its some kind of electronic note-taking device or something.  It is a damn sight more convenient than the old paper journal I was using; if nothing else, I at least don’t have to conjure new writing utensils.  I’m still figuring this thing out, it has a camera or something inside; don’t ask me how it works, I really don’t know.  Maybe I’ll see if I can’t take some pictures or something.

The Black Island.  Nobody really knows how large it is, or how the Masters keep it afloat.  All that people do know is that it is enormous; this is the closest view we can get, and people have said that it actually sits above the planet, in orbit.

This was the first city the Masters destroyed.  I still come here, some days; its one of the closest points to our headquarters.  More than that, it serves as a reminder of why we fight.  The Masters thought the city itself was a haven for revolutionaries and decided to exterminate it.  The machines that marched through the city, rendering it into little more than rubble, were as terrifying as they were efficient.  Only one in ten inhabitants survived.

An entire city, gone in a matter of hours.

At least we’d managed to destroy one or two of their war machines.  I don’t know what metal they’re made from, but even I had difficulty destroying one of them.

Maybe we can rebuild this city, one day.  Assuming we survive, I may dedicate my abilities to rebuilding cities like this one, when we’re done.  I just hope we can win without more losses like this…so many people…


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