I’ll Have a Fifth of Week, Please

This past week hasn’t been as annoying as I thought it’d be.  It…didn’t start very well, with the radio show I heard on Monday being rather remarkably uninteresting, if well-acted.  Then, I got into some of the assignments, even actually having fun with a few.  I’ll cop to being not quite the greatest when it comes to audio engineering.  My equipment’s garbage-tier and my skills are mostly honed in software from the Windows 95 era.  But, hell, I had fun, so that’s what matters.

The Radio’s On, But Nobody’s Home

I’ll admit I was a bit saltier than might’ve been called for, when I posted this.  My Monday wasn’t going terribly well and I think I took it out on the radio show to an unfair degree.  That said, while the content was totally uninteresting, the voice acting was at least well done.  Thinking back on it really helped me remember how important subtlety is when conveying emotion.

Introducing…Jim’s Basement Radio!

I’ll admit, the first part was because I misread the assignment.  But, I had so much fun doing the first one that I left it in there as a little extra.  The humorous take I did for DS 106 Radio helped make the assignment less…monotonous, I guess.  The BGM wasn’t quite what I wanted, but I couldn’t find the song I wanted (also by Kevin Macleod), so I chose one that fit for what I was going.  I really remembered how important it is to take assignments that might not be terribly interesting at the start and make them fun.  A little sugar helps the medicine go down more easily, as the saying goes.

The Singular of Graffiti is Graffito, That’s a Thing You Now Know

This friggin thing.  I dunno why I stuck so badly on the first minute.  …Okay, I actually do: it was because of how utterly unimpressive it was.  Immersion is paramount not just in gaming, but storytelling in general, and if you fail at that within the first minute of content, you didn’t do terribly well.  First impressions are critical, and there’s more to impressions of audio storytelling than ambience and sound effects.  Being able to emote properly is essential.

My Daily BGM

I never realized how quiet my life really is before I went to make this.  Not that I mind it, really.  I spent so long surrounded by noisy people and animals, by acrid smells and utter boredom, that living in a quiet, relatively clean and orderly space is wonderful.  But there’s a difference between experiencing it and hearing it played back for you.  I’m actually kind of thankful for this assignment, because it helped me appreciate how much better my home situation has become since I moved to Fredericksburg.

Audio Story

I still stand by the small use of verbiage.  I also learned how to mingle pre-recorded effects (the knocking, taken from one of my earlier Daily Creates) and practical, impromptu effects.  I tend to prefer the latter, since they tend to sound less obviously staged.

Talking to Myself…Again

Yeah, I hammed it up like a boss.  But, again, this kinda cemented the importance of fun in doing my assignments.  Plus, no need for any audio filters or anything.  Seems all that practice modulating my voice when I was a kid paid off.  Hm.

Radio Show Brainstormbing

Aaaaand, some brainy storms of radio show things!  I might not have gotten very many ideas, but I feel the ones I put forward are fairly strong.  The first one has the advantage of being very flexible and having greater creative freedom, but the other has a tighter focus, making it easier to script and rehearse.  Planning and forethought are critical at every stage of the creative process to ensure smooth production, and by Jove, I’ve done my best, here.

Moving on to Daily Creates!  I’m surprised I didn’t see anyone other than myself mention salt in their kit.  Seriously?  Its an antiseptic, it can be used to preserve food, and the ancient Romans even used it as currency!  Plus, you need about 4 grams of the stuff per day to survive.  Salt will be one of, if not the, most valuable commodities after the end.  A hell of a lot more than guns and ammo.

This still surprises me.  I didn’t realize I was born that close to such an important event.  My birthday (which is today, last year of my 20s) also coincides with the discovery of penicillin, the birth of Confucius, and the death of Pompey in 48 BCE.

One could only hope to have as great a spouse as Joanne Byrd had in Mr. Rogers.  Seriously, the man was the closest humanity ever came to true, pure perfection.  His only competition comes in the form of Carl Sagan and Bob Ross.  If ever there were a power trio of pure goodness, they would be the ones to fill those shoes, no contest.

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