Design Lightning

(Okay, the title’s only funny if you know some basic German.  Sue me.)

(Also, I have no idea why all my images uploaded 90 degrees rotated.  They are NOT that way on my hard drive.  WordPress needs a good punch to the teeth, methinks.)

First up is the steelbook case for Yakuza Kiwami 2.  The stark monochrome keeps the eye focused more on the content instead of the colour of the composition.  Kiryu also dominates the image, conveying without words that he is the main focus of the game.  The silver dragon tattoo on his back is also a common symbol in Japanese culture, associated with both power and wisdom, two things that epitomize the character of Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima.

The second is a bottle of Suntory Whisky.  The typography used on the label creates a nice contrast; the simple, functional primary font contrasts well with the Japanese calligraphy on the right-hand side.  On the topic of contrast, the label and its constituent lettering colours actually contrast quite well with the contents of the bottle.

Finally is something more…personal.  It is the engagement ring I gave to my fiancee on New Years’ Day.  Literally the first thing I did this year.  It is of a nice, minimalist design: not too busy, but not so simple that it is boring to the eye.  I doubt this is the unity the assignment was talking about, but…the hell with it.  The moment I saw that word on the assignment’s description, this was what immediately came to mind, and I couldn’t not use this picture.

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