At The Eleventh Hour…Or Week, I Guess

All I can say is praise the sun for OpenShot.  Thus far, its done everything that Movie Maker failed at, with some extra-spicy bits to make it all gravy.  Plus, it doesn’t take forever and a day to render a video…and they don’t end up the size of a modern triple-A video game.  I don’t need a video that’s some insanely high resolution or bitrate.  I’m not making a friggin movie, here.  I’m barely making YouTube quality videos.

Another good part is how OpenShot doesn’t cost a damn thing.  I’m well-known as a cheap bugger; you could please me greatly with little more a $5 pizza from Little Caesar’s.  But, I realize there’s quality to consider; Little Caesar’s pizza ain’t the best in town in terms of quality, though it does beat most fast pizza chains.  OpenShot?  It seems to be almost on par with commercial video software.  Bonus points: the interface isn’t incomprehensibly arcane like Adobe’s suite, and it doesn’t take an eternity to load.

…Jesus, this turned into an ad for OpenShot, didn’t it?  Hell with it, OpenShot deserves it.  I like it and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something that bleeding works with minimal fuss.  Now!  On to content!

The Masters’ Message

I created an assignment for the bank.  It might seem a little dark, but when you stop to think about it, almost anything could be construed as propaganda.  A shoe advert is propaganda for Nike products.  A political ad is propaganda for a given candidate.

I, admittedly, did take a pretty dark turn with mine, but that’s also the point.  Its a short propaganda video from the Masters of Adam’s world.  Putting it together wasn’t too much trouble; though, I think I might’ve made the subliminal parts a little too long.  Were I to do it again, I might make the subliminal pictures last about a third of a second instead of half of one.

Lyric Video – Elfen Lied – Lilium

Desire from the previous week, fulfilled!  The first couple of transitions were a little…jumpy.  In my defense, I’m doing all this editing on a laptop that was middle-of-the-road when I got it.  About five years ago.  The poor thing’s about at the end of its lifespan, so when previewing edits, OpenShot can stutter a little.

I didn’t want to change the colour of the text because I was afraid that the chroma key effect on which I was relying would bollocks up and make the text come out screwy; like it did when I used black text on a white background.  Though, honestly, I think the choice to do the opposite was a good one, because the black text might’ve not turned out quite as legible.

Lilium is, and will always be, one of my favourite songs.  It was my first thought when I saw this assignment, and I’m glad I stuck with it to completion.  I might come back to it, one day, and give it the treatment it deserves, with excerpts from the series proper instead of a static image with lyrical overlays.  Maybe after I’ve graduated and gotten a better machine.  Something tells me that’d be more than a little time consuming, otherwise.

From Adam, To Himself At Sixteen

My final bit of content.  Like I said in the post, if I had more time, I’d have certainly put a little more into the visual portion, but hey, it was a two-star assignment and I’m exhausted.  Cut me a break.  At least I managed to not have a bunch of pauses everywhere in the audio and I only went a teeny bit off-script to make it flow a little better.  Maybe, one day, I’ll learn to script things that sound natural when they come rolling out of my mouth.  Hey, anything’s possible.

Next, we gots some Daily Creates, because that’s the only other string to my bow, right now.  But, yeah, I’d kill to have the time to train a little neural net to play a game.  I’d just have to decide whether I’d use reinforcement learning, Q-learning, or NEAT.  Hell, maybe do one of each and see which performs the best.  Once university’s over, I’ll have a lot more time in my day to actually do things I want to do.

Easily the earliest pleasant memory I have on file.  There’s a reason I call the Ultima series my childhood, and it ain’t because I’m being facetious.  I’ve probably spent more time playing those games than I have any other single game across my whole life.  Yes, that’s including notorious time sinks like Minecraft.  Plus, it was one of the few things on which my family could agree; even my mom, who doesn’t really play any games, appreciated it.  One day, I hope to meet Lord British himself and tell him how much of an inspiration he’s been.  The dude’s basically the reason I got into computer science in the first place.  Well, that and my parents.

Again, I’m not even being facetious with this one.  When most other kids my age were watching Looney Tunes on Sunday mornings, my brother and I would switch over to the Sci-Fi Channel (back before they rebranded and became famous for audiovisual diarrhea) and watch their anime block.  On that block, their frontrunner (at least, as far as I can recall) was none other than Dragon Ball Z.  Sure, it was campy.  It was goofy as hell.  But, it was also awesome.  Hell, it still is.  I’ll always love DBZ, and few things can get me pumped like Rock The Dragon.

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