Ascending To The Ninth Week

(Yeah, another Ultima joke.  Sue me.)

This week was a bit of a breather from the radio show weeks.  I don’t necessarily mind group work, but…eh, I’d probably be better at livestreaming than I am at doing pre-recorded whatnot.  Anyway, to what I still somehow call content!

A Daily Create!  Yeah, its a cliche, but damn it.  I lived most of my life one paycheck away from finding a comfy space beside a barrel fire.  Its only within the past few years that I feel that part of my life is more or less over.  I want comfort, damn it.  I wanna work, but I wanna work for me.

I Don’t Really Have A Name For This

I remixed Google and made a horrid butt-baby between it and the Assignment Bank.  With an added sprinkle of my likely now-trademark bitter, dry humour.  I don’t hate this class, honest.  Cynicism and dryness is just how my humour works, at times.  Other times, it comes out in a massive slur because I’ve had a frankly criminal amount of rum.

The Beginning of the End

A look into Adam’s future!  Or present, or something.  Hell with it: a look into the poor bastard’s life by way of his journal.  He didn’t win the war alone.  Nobody wins a one-man war, just ask Frank Castle.  Lives saved and friends made, a precious combination in a world under the iron fist of an oppressive regime.  Especially when said regime has a vessel in orbit about the size of Long Island with crazy-ass future weapons.

My Open-Source Software

What can I say?  The best price is one you don’t have to pay.  I might disagree with some of the more fanatical parts of the FOSS community, but I can’t deny that they’ve made some useful stuff.  Its also harder to collect data when anyone with knowledge of how software does its do can crack your baby open and see how it works.

That was a far more screwed up metaphor than I’d intended.

Looking Back

As embarrassed as I was about my first public outing as an engineer, it can’t even begin to hold a candle to the shenanigans I got up to when I was just starting out.  Hell, I didn’t even indent my code because I was worried about it taking up too much space.  Talk about premature optimization.

Then again, I guess we’ve all got to start somewhere, no?

We’ve also all got to end somewhere.  So do blog posts.  Here seems as good a place as any.

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