Adam Roche

Name: Adam Roche

Gender: Male

Height: 179cm

Weight: 73kg

Hair: Long, sandy blonde

Eyes: White

Skin Tone: Pale

Facial Hair: None

Adam Roche was born on the run.  As one of the few free humans left on his world, Adam has rarely, if ever, known any true peace.  At a young age, he was taken as an apprentice to a mystic, the last of the world’s masters of a magical art known as chromamancy.  Secreted away for many years, he learned what little knowledge was left from the age before the Great Slavery, from before the Masters came from a far-off world, many generations ago.

However, the Masters eventually found Adam and his teacher, after the boy had reached what could only technically be called adulthood.  Betrayed by a nearby settlement in exchange for more food, Adam’s teacher was forced to sacrifice his life for his student.  The books his teacher had kept hidden were destroyed, the only knowledge left of the art of chromamancy remained within the confines of Adam’s own mind.

Adam’s hatred of the Masters is second only to his will to survive.  What little contact he’s had with other free humans has been fleeting, but hopeful.  Dissent is boiling even amongst the ranks of the enslaved, fanned from the shadows by the small enclaves of the free.  All they need is a leader.  Someone with not only the will to make their longing for freedom real, but with the power to send the Masters back to the void from whence they came.  Whether or not the light of chromamancy survives lies on Adam’s shoulders.  Whether or not freedom and peace are attained rest in his willingness and ability to take the reins and command humanity’s insurrection.

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